Climate Change: A Symptom of Capitalism

The Climate is Changing:

The planet’s average surface temperature has risen around two degrees fahrenheit since the late 1800s. Most of this warming has happened in the last thirty-five years. The five warmest years on average have taken place in the last five years. Eight of the twelve months of the year since 2016 have become the warmest of those respective months each year. For example, the warmest months of July from first to fifth are: July 2019, July 2018, July 2017, July 2016, and July 2015. Another surprising statistic is that there have been 35 category five hurricanes in history. Five of those have come in the last four years. The fires in the Amazon are just another example of climate change. There are wildfires happening right now in California, there are wildfires in Australia. I know someone whose house was close to getting burned down in Australia. Polar ice caps are melting as a result of our planet warming. The result of this is the destruction of habitats and the extinction of species. An example of bad air quality caused by climate change is Delhi, India. In Delhi, the air quality is so bad people can barely breathe. Some capitalists saw this as a way to make profit, as clean oxygen is being sold to the citizens at a price. Another problem with the climate is water in Flint, MIchigan and Denmark, South Carolina and many cities in Ohio and all across the country, have lead in their water. The average temperature in the sea has also increased, and the sea level is rising. The oceans are also becoming more acidic due to pollution. These are only some of the examples of climate change, as many studies show that climate change is real and it will destroy the world as long as capitalism still exists.

Capitalism’s Role:

Carbon is a major reason for changes in the climate. Carbon levels have skyrocketed since 1950. Too much carbon is extremely toxic for the environment. Our current system of production is the reason for these emissions. One hundred corporations are responsible for 71% of carbon emissions. The poorest 70% are only responsible for around 20% of emissions. This just shows how the capitalist classes are the major exploiters of the environment. The major firms in the world cause 2.2 trillion dollars worth of environmental damage. In Delhi, India the carbon level is so toxic, and it is more profitable for the capitalists to sell oxygen and let others die than it is to help those to clean up the air in the city. Capitalism will always do what is profitable for the capitalist classes. Coal, oil, and nuclear energy are all cheap and can produce a profit for the capitalists. These resources produce so much pollution, which is the primary reason for climate change. The capitalist class will also cut down trees for profit. All of these things are cheap and profitable for the capitalist class, so they will continue to exploit the environment to fill their greed. As much as some politicians may try to curb climate change, they can only slow it because the rich will continue to resist. A revolution is the only way to end climate change. The environment has to be our primary focus after the revolution, because if it isn’t, there may not be a world to live on anymore. We will focus on climate change and take the necessary steps to permanently end this symptom of capitalism after the proletarian revolution. 

Plans to Cut Emissions to Zero Under Socialism:


  • End industrialized farming
  • End chemical runoff
  • Rapid phase out of Biocides and Chemical fertilizers
  • Food sovereignty
  • Subsistence farming and urban farming
  • Water source protection


  • Green factories in each region
  • Green machinery
  • Clean technologies
  • Zero waste recycling
  • End solid waste
  • Infrastructure rebuilding
  • Repair water pipes

Environmental Restoration:

  • Reforestation
  • Habitat restoration
  • Clean coral reefs
  • Pollution clean up
  • Ocean protections
  • Recycling programs


  • Interstate high speed rail
  • All new vehicles will be electric
  • Region transit in all rural, suburban, and urban areas
  • Decarbonize shipping, freight, and aviation


  • Green buildings
  • Weatherization and efficient homes
  • Solar panels 
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Localized storage

Interstate Clean Energy:

  • Wind farm network
  • Localized solar and geothermal 
  • Smart electric grid
  • Abolish all oil and gas companies
  • Ban fracking
  • No new fossil fuel infrastructure 
  • Public power utilities

The most important part: abolish private property!


In conclusion it is apparent that capitalism exploits the environment. The capitalist classes will continue to do everything they possibly can to generate a profit. In our system it is very profitable to the ruling class to destroy the earth and use gasses, oil, and coal for production. This all causes climate change, something inherent under capitalism. It is necessary to have a proletarian revolution in order to guarantee that future generations can live. We need to have the environment as our main focus after abolishing private property and classes. Once the world is communist, it will be easy to end this disaster that capitalism has laid upon us. The plan listed above, if executed, including some other environmental protections, can cut carbon emissions to zero by 2030, can clean our water, can restore habitats, and can let animals and humans live in peace. Abolish private property and capitalism for the future of the world!

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